Hardware Basics

BACKSET- The Measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the bored hole that the door set is installed through which will be either 2 3/8” or 2 ¾ . This is a very important and critical measurement to ensure a correct install.

Single & Double cylinder- When ordering Deadbolts or entry sets for your doors you will have an option of single or double cylinder. Single cylinder will be the most common and will get you a key to lock and unlock your door from the outside and a turn piece on the inside to lock and unlock your door. Double cylinder is less common and will get you a key to lock and unlock your door from the outside and inside.

Functions- There are 3 main functions when talking door hardware. Passage function is a set without a locking system which you would see most commonly used on a closet or pantry door that does not require a lock. Privacy function is a set with a locking mechanism that you would see being used on a bathroom or bedroom door to keep locked when looking for some privacy. Dummy function is most commonly used on double doors that do not require a latch and your knobs or levers do not move up or down they are fixed and are there to grab to open the door that is being held closed by ball or roller caches on the top

Handing- This determines the correct direction that your lever is pointed in and is very important detail when ordering lever sets. How handing is determined is when you are standing on the outside of the room in which the door set is going to be installed on which side are the hinges of the door on? If they are on the left side that is considered a left hand door and if they are on the right side that is considered a right hand door.

Latch- The part of your lock set that sticks out on the edge of the door and engages with the jam of your door to keep door in place and secure depending on the function of the lock.

Multipoint lock trim- Trim that is installed on a door that has a multipoint locking body installed into it. There are many different configurations of trims depending on the brand of door that is being used. It is always best to consult your salesman when choosing multipoint trim. This is becoming very popular for use on 8’ or taller front entry doors to keep them from warping.

Mortise vs Tubular entry sets- Tubular would be your more common choice of entry this requires much less of a footprint on your door. Industry standards for a tubular set requires two holes with a diameter of 2 1/8” and a spacing between them of 5 ½” center to center of the holes. Mortise lock entry set requires much more detail to install because you are mortising a large prep in the edge of your door to install the mortise lock body along with multiple bores going through your door for your trim plates to be installed and to active the lock body.